Onsite Exercise Programs

Exercise programmes developed by physiotherapists

Workwell use the evidence-based framework of a ‘work-related activity program’ (WRAP) to tailor an onsite exercise program most appropriate for your staff and their particular workflow. This is specifically designed to reduce the incidence of soft tissue strains and sprains within your workplace. In doing so it will reduce time lost to injury and the likelihood of expensive work cover claims.

Employees are far less likely to experience musculoskeletal injuries if they are flexible and strong enough to meet the particular physical demands of their workplace. A specific preventative exercise program ensures that your employees physically match their jobs and minimises injury caused by overload of soft tissue structures. Together with instruction in general exercise, aerobic fitness and flexibility, a specific work-related activity program will ensure you have a fitter, healthier and more productive workforce.

Importantly our program stresses the need for employees to take personal responsibility for their own health and directly provides them with strategies that will help improve health behaviours. With a strong emphasis on exercise with respect to critical job demands, employee engagement, education, self-management, functional capacity, pacing and activity upgrade strategies, the Workwell WRAP is designed to achieve the realisation of a healthier workforce.

The Benefits of Onsite Exercise Programs

Our exercise programs contribute to;

  • Significant decrease in the number of soft tissue injuries and work cover claims
  • Reduced time lost to soft tissue injuries
  • Reduced financial cost of soft tissue injuries
  • Improved employee health behaviours i.e. increased awareness of physical health and increased participation in physical activity
  • Increased physical and functional capacity of staff
  • Improved job satisfaction

Onsite Exercise Program Services

Workwell has extensive experience in providing the following onsite exercise solutions to a wide range of employers:

The Workwell six week work-related activity program (WRAP)

  • Six week modular progressive Work-related
  • Using the specific Job Task Analysis as a guide to demand, individual work groups will participate in a tailored group program that addresses the critical demands, and specific injury risk, of their workflow.
  • Self paced, with activity upgrade throughout the 6-week block.
  • Peer led, with facilitation by our occupational physiotherapist or exercise physiologist at the commencement and throughout each 6-week module.
  • Focus on continued participation and self management at the completion of the 6 week training block.

FOCUS individual based health solutions

Intended for employees with:

  • Identified personal risk factors; pre-existing injuries; on RTW plans; history of injury; additional high level goals
  • Targeted, structured and tailoring of modules to suit individual needs, with development of additional self-management program strategies.
  • Conducted one-on-one by Occupational Physiotherapist. Initial 30 minute individual assessment with subsequent 15 minute individual six fortnightly sessions to monitor and progress appropriately.
  • Designed to integrate with existing treatment, self-management programs and RTW plans.
  • Communication with existing practitioners and referral to preferred providers if necessary.

Daily onsite exercise program

Our physiotherapist will review your workplace and identify tasks and postures that may predispose your employees to injury due to repetitive strain. An exercise program is then designed to assist employees to maintain appropriate strength and flexibility to work safely. Exercises will aim to stretch and strengthen appropriate muscle groups relevant to the tasks being performed. This program is designed for work groups to perform daily at certain intervals and serves as a positive adjunct to the work well 6 week WRAP modules. Exercise leaders will be trained to facilitate and lead the daily exercise routine.

“Workwell have implemented a daily onsite stretching program in conjunction with a 6 week ‘strengthening for work’ program for each of our working groups. This has resulted in positive outcomes with respect to employee’s physical and emotional wellbeing, discomfort and injury rates and employee engagement and job satisfaction. In addition they have provided individual based health solutions to employees as required, which has assisted our more ‘at-risk’ staff significantly.”

Pieter Rienks
HSE Manager
Workwell client

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