Manual Handling Training

Preventing workplace injuries

Workwell have assisted many employers within the industrial sector, both large and small, in the provision of a comprehensive manual handling training package.

Our Manual Training sessions provide an excellent opportunity for employers and employees to obtain valuable knowledge and skills which will help to prevent workplace injuries. The training is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the workplace covering a variety of areas which will improve workers understanding of why injuries occur and how to prevent them.

Importantly our training sessions place strong emphasis on workers taking personal responsibility for their own health, teaching them practical skills which will help them to stay well at work.

The Benefits of Manual Handling Training

This training has helped provide our clients with the following benefits:

  • Reduced incidence of soft tissue injury
  • Decreased cost associated with soft tissue injuries
  • Improved Injury prevention strategies for the workplace
  • Deeper understanding of why soft tissue injuries occur
  • Exercise prescription for injury prevention – Enhanced employee health behaviour

Manual Handling Training Services

The session is intended for workers with more physically demanding manual handling requirements. These include workers who have varied amounts of lifting, bending, twisting or repetitive components within their work tasks. The emphasis of the training is on the effect of repetitive and more physically demanding postures and movements on the body, in particular the spine and upper limb. The key components of the training include; mechanism of soft tissue injury, manual handling principles, posture, work behaviours and workflow management along with the role of exercise in the prevention of injury.

Importantly, a strong focus of our training is applying the manual handling principles to the specific tasks of your workplace. This ensures employees can correctly apply these principles to their specific tasks along with providing an opportunity for the identification of employees manual handling concerns. The training will run for 1.5-2 hours, depending on the number of manual tasks being performed. Maximum group size is 15 to encourage participation and ensure assessment of each employees technique.

“Workwell has provided each of our departments with a comprehensive manual handling training program over the past 12 months. With a large portion of the training being conducted on the worksite, employees were able to gain a practical and detailed insight to the key manual handling principles specific to their work tasks. This also assisted us greatly in identifying any areas of concern and putting appropriate controls in place. Our employees now have a greater understanding of ideal work and health behaviours to assist in the prevention of injury.”

Chris Langley
HSE Advisor
Workwell client

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