Workplace Health and Wellness Programs

Promoting health and fitness in the workplace

With the growth of chronic diseases due to poor diet and a lack of physical activity, the need for a focus on health and wellbeing is essential to productivity and injury avoidance.

We partner with companies to help improve the health and wellbeing of staff through lifestyle changes via coaching and motivational activities. The topics covered can be varied to the specific needs of the workplace.

The Benefits of Workplace Health and Wellness Programs

The provision of such programs has resulted in a range of benefits for both employers and employees:

  • Improved health and well being of staff
  • Increased functional capacity
  • Decreased incidence of discomfort, pain and injury
  • Improved health behaviours
  • Reduced likelihood of lifestyle diseases
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased job satisfaction

Workplace Health and Wellness Program Services

Workwell have provided a range of health and wellness initiatives to their clients, including:

  • Better Health Expo
  • Health and wellness assessments
  • Team exercise challenges
  • Group exercise (eg. Yoga, Pilates)
  • Health education seminars
  • Posture for life program
  • Diabetes education program

“Workwell have been providing Pilates classes as part of our onsite health and wellness program. These have proven very popular among staff who have found it extremely beneficial in assisting their physical and mental wellbeing. Participants have regularly reported improved physical functioning and decreased musculoskeletal discomfort. It has been a very effective component of our overall health and wellbeing program.”

Renee Lee
Injury Management and Return to Work Co-Ordinator
Workwell client

Other services we offer


pre-employment assessments
Pre-employment Assessments

We evaluate a prospective employees’ physical ability to safely perform pre-defined work tasks.

work station ergonomics
Work Station Ergonomics

A comprehensive training program designed to improve the health and wellbeing of employees

onsite exercise programs
Onsite Exercise Programs

Tailored onsite exercise programs most appropriate for your staff and their particular workflow

workplace health assessments
Workplace Health Assessments

An effective injury prevention and management strategy specific to the physical demands of your workplace.

manual handling training
Manual Handling Training

An opportunity to obtain valuable knowledge and skills which will help to prevent workplace injuries.

functional capacity evaluation
Functional Capacity Evaluation

A comprehensive assessment with special tests specific to the individual’s presentation

workplace health and wellness programs
Workplace Health And Wellness

Partnering with companies to help improve the health and wellbeing of staff through lifestyle changes

onsite physiotherapy melbourne
See also: Onsite Physiotherapy

Maintain a healthy and productive workforce whilst reducing the time and financial costs associated with injury

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