Pre-Employment Assessments

Preventing workplace injuries

Work Well’s Pre-employment Assessment uses computerised lift task and range of motion (ROM) assessment to accurately measure a patient’s flexibility, strength and lifting capacity. Importantly, they precisely quantify the physical capacity of a worker and demonstrate objectively their current functional capacity. They can be used prior to employment to ensure prospective employees can safely perform required workplace tasks.
The testing protocol is flexible and can be adjusted to replicate tasks from the workplace, providing meaningful and useful information. The computerised testing procedure also enables accurate identification of effort levels throughout the assessment. In doing so, it helps identify the presence of an injury and non-organic contributions to an individuals’ presentation.
Computerised testing is complemented by a range of other subjective and physical assessment procedures which provide a complete picture of the person being assessed in regard to physical ability and risk of injury. Incorporating Work Well’s pre-employment assessment as part of your recruitment process will provide an effective injury prevention strategy by identifying the ‘At Risk Worker’.

The Benefits of Pre-Employment Assessments

  • Accurate measurement of current physical capacity
  • No guess work. Meaningful and useful information
  • Important component of injury prevention strategy
  • Identifies prospective employees who may be at risk of injury performing certain duties

Pre-Employment Assessments Services

Pre-Employment Functional Capacity Assessment

This is a 1 hour assessment of physical strength and flexibility evaluating a prospective employees’ physical ability to safely perform pre-defined work tasks. The test can be easily modified to match the assessment to the physical demands of the workplace. It is designed to identify people who may be at risk of injuring themselves whilst working in your particular work environment.   A written report is provided summarising  the individual’s functional capacity, with particular emphasis on how this compares to the inherent requirements of their work tasks.   Time requirement can vary depending on the extent of the examination required.

Full Workplace Assessment

Pre-Employment assessments are usually most effective, and the results far more meaningful, if they are preceded by a full workplace assessment to accurately define the physical requirements of the workplace. The computerised equipment can be taken to the workplace to analyse the strength and flexibility demands of the work tasks. Key physical requirements are  then identified and prospective workers must achieve these  key physical requirements during functional capacity testing to be deemed safe to perform particular duties.

Inherent Duties Manual

Work Wells’ Inherent Duties Manual turns all the information gained during the Full Workplace Assessment into a readily usable format. It provides you with a list of Key Physical Requirements needed by current or prospective employees to safely perform tasks in your workplace The information can be easily accessed to quickly and accurately inform health professionals about the demands of the work place.

“Workwell have provided both functional capacity evaluations and pre-employment assessments for our staff for the past 7 years. This has proved an invaluable service and been an integral part of our injury prevention and management strategy. It has definitely contributed significantly to our decreasing injury rates and improved return to work outcomes. It provides an accurate way of ensuring staff are only performing tasks that are within their current functional capacity.”

Chris Langley
HSE Advisor
Workwell client

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