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Soft Tissue Injury Management & Prevention

Musculoskeletal disorders comprise more than 50% of all workplace injuries, with the average cost of each claim upwards of $50,000. An onsite physiotherapist will assist you to reduce both your injury rate and the costs associated with these injuries. Our range of services includes:

  • Workplace Task Analysis and Computer Ergonomic Assessments
  • Pre-employment and Post Injury Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Early Intervention Physiotherapy Management
  • On-site Exercise Strategies
  • Manual Handling Training and Education
  • On-site Health and Wellbeing Program
  • Access to Rehabilitation Facilities

Providing an on-site physiotherapist is one of the most powerful ways of maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. It will help prevent major soft tissue injuries from occurring and in the event of an injury provide the most effective means of treatment, reducing the time and financial costs associated with the injury. You will also see a positive effect on your employees’ health behaviours and attitudes toward their employer.

Work Well can provide you with an on site accredited occupational physiotherapist who is specifically trained in prevention and management of soft tissue injuries within the workplace. A Work Well physiotherapist dedicated to your workplace will recognise the needs of the employer and intimately understand the nature of tasks being performed. They will know its physical requirements and the types of injuries that can occur due to those specific demands. As a result they will be able to provide the most effective prevention strategies and treatment possible to achieve optimum outcomes.

The Benefits of Onsite Physiotherapy

  • Healthier more productive workforce
  • Decreased incidence of injuries
  • Prevent injuries progressing to work cover claims
  • Reduced work cover claims cost
  • Less time lost to injuries
  • Lower direct cost of physiotherapy
  • Reduced indirect costs of injury management
  • Faster, more effective treatment
  • More timely and effective communication
  • Goodwill for your workforce

Our Onsite Physiotherapy Experience

Workwell has extensive experience in providing comprehensive on-site healthcare solutions to a wide range of companies. Over ten years, our provision of onsite injury prevention, injury management and health and wellbeing strategies has helped our clients achieve the following goals:

  • 50% decrease in work cover claims
  • 35% reduction in medical treatment and weekly compensation costs

“Workwell have been an integral part of our Early Intervention Program for the past 7 years. During that time, we have seen approximately a 50% decline in the number of work cover claims and a significant decrease in the costs associated with these claims. This has proved particularly successful given the added challenge of our ageing workforce. In addition, we have seen significant improvements in employee engagement and satisfaction towards occupational health and safety.”

Andrea Carrodus
Injury Management Leader
Workwell client

Other services we offer


pre-employment assessments
Pre-employment Assessments

We evaluate a prospective employees’ physical ability to safely perform pre-defined work tasks.

work station ergonomics
Work Station Ergonomics

A comprehensive training program designed to improve the health and wellbeing of employees

onsite exercise programs
Onsite Exercise Programs

Tailored onsite exercise programs most appropriate for your staff and their particular workflow

workplace health assessments
Workplace Health Assessments

An effective injury prevention and management strategy specific to the physical demands of your workplace.

manual handling training
Manual Handling Training

An opportunity to obtain valuable knowledge and skills which will help to prevent workplace injuries.

functional capacity evaluation
Functional Capacity Evaluation

A comprehensive assessment with special tests specific to the individual’s presentation

workplace health and wellness programs
Workplace Health And Wellness

Partnering with companies to help improve the health and wellbeing of staff through lifestyle changes

onsite physiotherapy melbourne
See also: Onsite Physiotherapy

Maintain a healthy and productive workforce whilst reducing the time and financial costs associated with injury

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