Workplace Health Assessments

Improve safety by determining the risks

Workwells’ Workplace Assessment tools provide you with accurate and practical information about the physical demands of your workplace. The information gained will help you to develop an effective injury prevention strategy and help facilitate the safe return of an injured worker.

Using computerised assessment tools we are able to accurately measure the force, flexibility and endurance requirements of any work task. We can provide you with information about one or two jobs or generate a detailed analysis of your whole work place – which can be used to create an Inherent Duties Manual and a list of Key Physical Requirements for your workplace. This information will eliminate guess work and help you make objective decisions about occupational health and safety issues.

The information gained in a Work Well Workplace Assessment can be used in many ways. It can help you to modify high risk activities or to ensure someone returning from injury does not perform activities likely to lead to re-injury. Using your Inherent Duties Manual you will be able to quickly and effectively communicate the physical demands of your workplace to health professionals, avoiding unnecessary delays in return to work activities. Lastly you will be able to ensure that current or potential employees are guided to jobs they have the strength and flexibility to safely perform.

Workwell have assisted a range of employers in the development of complete inherent duties manuals for their workplace. In addition, in our role as both onsite physiotherapist and early intervention provider, workplace assessments are frequently done as part of the treatment / injury management process.

The Benefits of Workplace Health Assessments

Our clients gave regularly reported the following benefits:

  • Detailed knowledge of physical requirements of the workplace
  • Improved stay at work / return to work rates
  • Identification of high risk activities
  • Decreased discomfort and injury rates
  • Decreased costs associated with injuries
  • Enhanced communication with health professionals

Workplace Health Assessments Services

Standard workplace assessment

This is the most common form of our workplace assessments and is used primarily if you wish to identify duties an injured employee can safely perform on their return to work. It can also be used if you identify areas of concern in your workplace which you wish to have objectively measured for physical requirements. Our specially trained physiotherapist will review the tasks and accurately quantify the physical demands of those jobs, summarising the findings in a written report for easy reference. Time required will be dependant on the number and nature of the tasks needing assessment.

Brief workplace assessment

When just one or two tasks need reviewing you may only require a Brief Workplace Assessment. During a brief visit you receive on the spot advice and recommendations but no written report unless requested.

Full workplace assessment and inherent duties manual

An extension of our Standard Workplace Assessment, this involves more detailed assessment of large parts or all of your workplace. It will provide you with a complete analysis of all the physical demands of your workplace.

The information is then used to create an Inherent Duties Manual, which can be easily accessed in the event of an injury to quickly and accurately inform health professionals about the demands of the work place. It effectively becomes an alternative duties manual guiding return to work plans. It also provides you with a list of Key Physical Requirements needed by current or prospective employees to safely perform tasks in your workplace. This information is then easily used during ongoing health evaluation or pre-employment assessment.

The aim of such a comprehensive assessment is to identify tasks which may place your workers at risk of injury and to identify ways to modify those tasks. Knowing the physical demands of your workplace contributes enormously to an ongoing injury prevention strategy and when returning an injured worker to appropriate duties. It will allow you to identify key physical requirements that prospective or current employees must have before they can safely perform particular tasks.

Time allocation is directly related to the number of tasks evaluated, with additional time needed to prepare an inherent duties manual.

“Workwell have developed a complete inherent duties manual for each department in our workplace. Providing clear, concise and relevant information, it has proven invaluable for our overall injury management and injury prevention strategy. Since it’s in inception, the injury management / return to work process has improved significantly and we have been able to make appropriate changes to high risk activities. It is an essential tool for any Injury Management Leader”.

Andrea Carrodus
Injury Management Leader
Workwell client

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