Work Station Ergonomics Program

Computer Ergonomic Workstation Program

Workwell has extensive experience working within the corporate and office environment to assist computer users in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

Workwell’s computer ergonomic workstation program is a comprehensive training program designed to improve the health and wellbeing of employees who spend the majority of their time at computer workstations.

Participants are educated on the risks that sustained and/or awkward postures and repetitive movements pose to their musculoskeletal health. Most importantly, your employees will be provided with effective strategies to adequately control against these risks.

The focus is on empowering employees to understand the key ergonomic principles and how to apply these to their workstation environment. They will gain valuable insight into ideal workstation posture, task techniques, workflow management, break structure and the important role of exercise.

Workwell can adapt the program to the specific needs of your workplace and employees, with the options of group ergonomic training, individual ergonomic assessments along with training of managers and team leaders.

The Benefits of a Work Station Ergonomics Program

We have been able to assist employers and employees alike with the following benefits:

  • Decreased discomfort and injury rates
  • Reduced work cover claims
  • Decreased costs associated with injuries
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased employee job satisfaction

Work Station Ergonomics Program Services

Group Ergonomic Training

With a maximum group size of 15 to allow for group participation and discussion, this program will take your employees through all the key principles to achieve correct workstation ergonomics. Rather then simply focussing on what needs to be done to achieve this, the Workwell program emphasises why these principles are so important, improving the likelihood of compliance and behavioural change.

An appropriate exercise program tailored to the specific tasks at hand will also be implemented that staff can easily complete throughout their work day. This is a comprehensive program proven to assist in the reduction of workplace discomfort, strains and sprains, leading to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Individual Ergonomic Assessments

We recognise that certain employees may benefit and indeed require a more individual based approach to the ergonomic assessment/training process and we can accommodate these workers accordingly. Whether it is significant recent discomfort, pre-existing medical conditions or a past history of musculoskeletal disorders, Workwell’s accredited occupational physiotherapists can provide expert advice and injury prevention strategies to suit your employees’ individual requirements.

Training of Site Leaders/Internal Ergonomic Assessors

Along with our group and individual ergonomic assessments and training, Workwell can offer further detailed training to key staff members, providing them with the knowledge and skills to conduct ergonomic workstation assessments independently. An extension of our group ergonomic training sessions, this program includes further practical demonstrations, supervised practice and advanced training on dealing with non-routine assessments.

Providing team leaders and key staff members with the skills to perform assessments independently helps to ensure ongoing adherence to the key ergonomic workstation principles, further decreasing the likelihood of discomfort or injury occurring.

“Workwell have been an integral part of our ergonomic workstation project for the past 18 months. During this time we have seen a decrease in the prevalence and severity of our incidents and injuries. They have been able to provide effective ergonomic solutions to our staff across a range of risk levels. In combination with the provision of an onsite exercise strategy, we have seen significant improvements in the health and wellbeing of our staff.”

Pieter Rienks
HSE Manager
Workwell client

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